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Join with like minded women, learning and growing together in the Self Belief School membership.

The membership is an incredibly nurturing way to grow your Self Belief and become wonderfully comfortable in your own skin.  

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My expertise lies in helping you pinpoint what you need to resolve in your life, and then developing the confidence to do it.  Work with me 1:1 for a completely bespoke Self Belief School experience.

I only work with people who are ready to invest in themselves.  Packages start at £137 per month.

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Emma F.

"Melanie helped me to make my own breakthroughs with things and helped me to begin to take control of my thoughts and situations that I was letting control me.  She also helped me with realising when people may be taking advantage of me and I am learning to trust my intuition which I never did before."

Suzie J.

"I was going through a period where I was feeling stuck, and unsure of which direction to go in; my self-confidence had reached a low point and I felt lost. Our sessions were like a breath of fresh air; like having an injection of self-motivation, and it has helped me to regain my drive and passion and I know now which direction I am headed."

Emma P.

"After just six sessions with Melanie I feel so much better; every area of my life has improved. After each session I felt energised and positive.My attitude had changed and as a result, things were changing around me. Melanie’s deep knowledge in different areas is apparent and she is able to draw on that and be flexible according to what I needed and how I was progressing.”


"Thank you for a great session last Friday, and for all your support, advice and wisdom over the last 6 months, I've taken away so much valuable information from our sessions! My assertiveness and self-confidence toolkit is full to the brim and I feel confident that I can handle awkward/tricky situations as and when they come up :-)"