free coaching

I offer free 15 minute coaching sessions, on an issue of your choice.  In return, I ask for a brief interview to help me with my marketing and content creation.

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free mini courses

'How to Set Boundaries' and 'How to Say No to Friends' are my free email courses.  A practical nugget delivered to your inbox for every day for seven days, to help you start putting yourself first.

online course

At the moment, I have one online course available for instant access: 'How to Feel Good About Saying No' is for you if you squirm or feel terrified when you want to say 'no' to someone.

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group coaching

In six months together we'll be healing:

- relationships that don't feel right anymore: feel confident knowing whether to let them go, or make adjustments so they work for both of you.

- boundaries: protect your peace and energy, even if those around you just don't get it.  Know in your heart what is important and precious to you, and how to protect it.

- making peace: feeling forgiveness for the you that couldn't put herself first.  Having the confidence to be your top priority from now on.

- spaciousness: making sure your precious time is not spent worrying about whether you've offended other people or not.  Having the headspace to just 'be you'.

It won’t be all like ‘set boundaries, take no shit, rah!’; we’ll be honouring our sensitivity and understanding that navigating relationships is nuanced. 

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one to one coaching

If you are looking for powerful one-to-one support, I offer a transformative coaching programme.

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