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You've changed.  You're not the same person you were in your 20s and 30s. 

And that means that feelings, relationships and how you like to fill your time is not the same as it used to be. 

You've done some inner work.  You've read personal development books.  And they've worked!  But that means your old life doesn't fit so well now.

I will help you craft what your new life looks like, and get really comfortable with it. 

The life where you say 'no' to things that you don't want to do, without feeling guilty or overthinking the decision. 

The life where you start saying 'yes' to things that light you up.  Even if those things seem weird, lazy, worthless, or a complete waste of time to other people.

The life where you know what to say in those tricky relationships with overbearing people.

The life where you feel totally comfortable putting yourself first, even if other people don't get it. 

The life where you know in your heart - not just intellectually - that you are as important as anyone else that walks the earth.  Anyone.  

You in?

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My story

My career started in 1998 when I started studying nutrition, right after I left Cambridge University. Since then, transforming peoples lives and health through natural medicine has been a great privilege for me, and something that I have always enjoyed.

But after practising nutritional therapy for ten years or so, I discovered that improving your diet is only a small part of feeling great.

In particular, I noticed that many women were lacking in the confidence to speak up for themselves, had 'people pleasing' traits, or were unable to trust their own decisions. These traits were the cause of a lot of stress and worry.

My mission is to help quiet, introverted and sensitive people emerge from a life of putting up with stuff that's been silently stifling their souls.
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