You might be here because you think you need to set more boundaries in your life, but you're not exactly sure what that means for you.

Sometimes you say 'yes' to people because they need your help, and you want to be kind.  But what about when it's that person, who when you see their name pop up on your phone, your heart sinks?  That person who makes you feel awful when you say 'no'?

Or what about that family member who tells you what you think or feel is wrong; so much so that you're not sure what the right thing to think or feel even is anymore?

Or maybe you're the queen of excuses.  Your friends think you're too busy to hang out with them, because you often use work or kids as an excuse not to do things.  Until your excuses run out, and you feel you have to hang out with them so they don't suspect you're not interested anymore.  But the truth is, you're not the person you used to be.  You've changed, and now like doing different things, but you don't want to be labelled as 'boring'.

I can help.

I specialise in helping women just like you to understand and embrace who they are now, and to set boundaries to stop you being taken advantage of by the people making demands on your time and energy.  I can help you learn to kindly say 'no' to what you no longer want to do (even if there is no 'good' reason for not doing it).

I can help you feel comfortable in your own skin, and confident when you say 'no' that you are honouring yourself, and not someone else's idea of what you should be doing.


It's time to let everyone know who you really are.

My story

My career started in 1998 when I started studying nutrition, right after I left Cambridge University. Since then, transforming peoples lives and health through natural medicine has been a great privilege for me, and something that I have always enjoyed.

But after practising nutritional therapy for ten years or so, I discovered that improving your diet is only a small part of feeling great.

In particular, I noticed that many women were lacking in the confidence to speak up for themselves, had 'people pleasing' traits, or were unable to trust their own decisions. These traits were the cause of a lot of stress and worry.

My mission is to help women like you remove sources of stress from their lives, so that they can feel equal to others, stand up for themselves and stop worrying what other people think.

I support women to have the courage to say and do what they like, without feeling guilty or rude.

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