You might be here because although you make an effort to eat well, you don't feel content for some reason.

I specialise in helping women eliminate sources of stress from their lives.  I'm not alone though; there are of course many ways of doing this, and many people who can help you. 

You've probably tried a few things - maybe yoga, meditation, exercise, reducing caffeine, mindfulness.

What makes me different? I want to help you stop people pleasing; to feel extremely comfortable in your own skin, learn to trust your own opinion more than other peoples', and I want to help you confidently display all your quirks and idiosyncrasies so that you feel comfortable showing the real you. 

I want to give you contented independence.

My story

My career started in 1998 when I started studying nutrition, right after I left Cambridge University. Since then, transforming peoples lives and health through natural medicine has been a great privilege for me, and something that I have always enjoyed.

But after practising nutritional therapy for ten years or so, I discovered that improving your diet is only a small part of feeling great.

And furthermore, dietary changes are often short-lived and can cause stress, guilt and confusion. Three things we can do without in our lives.

Some of my clients came to me with ‘perfect’ diets, yet they still felt unwell. They were often anxious, fearful or stressed, and there’s no nutrition than can address these uncomfortable feelings. It became clear to me that stress and emotional health had a more powerful impact on health than nutrition.

I knew that I wanted to be able to help my clients address all the factors that were making them feel unwell, and after searching and learning, I have found the most powerful techniques for gently dissolving the root causes of ill health.

I currently specialise in helping women to set boundaries and stop people pleasing.

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