Homeopathy for Self Belief

Season #3

In this episode I chat to Neela Prabhu from Homeopathic Harmony.  We talk about how homeopathy (and Bach Flower Remedies) can be used to help improve assertiveness and confidence. 

I had wanted to do this podcast for a long time, because there are many ways we can improve our self belief, and homeopathy is one of them. 

Neela tells us about some of the clients she's helped and the amazing (and interesting) results they've had. 

She often hears her clients say that they feel 'like themselves again' after homeopathic treatment - their authenticity is being expressed.  How cool is that?

Neela's website is a treasure trove of information, and she's very active on Instagram - well worth a follow.

We mentioned the homeopathic first aid kit that Neela offers, and you can have a look at that here.