This will help you fill your cup

Season #3

This is not an episode about self care, because frankly, that topic can be a bit yawn can't it.

This IS an episode about realising what's essential for you to thrive.  And how you might be neglecting some really important activities, because you feel they aren't productive, sensible or important.

There might be a lot of conditioning to undo there.

I invite you to be aware of what it is that is nourishing, important and essential for you to thrive as a giving, patient, generous human.  And then do it.

If you can't imagine putting yourself first, and the guilt of 'filling your own cup' is still too much, then maybe I can help.  I take my 1:1 clients on a journey of setting boundaries, working out what they need in their lives and stepping out of people pleasing behaviours. 

If you think you could do with some of that, have a look at my 1:1 programme 'Liberate' and contact me to find out if you'd be a good fit for it.