When to say 'yes', when you love saying 'no'

Season #3

You may know that I am a MASSIVE fan of saying 'no'.  Helping women to say 'no' more is a big part of my work.  The benefits are huge - more self respect, more time, less dread, more energy, yada, yada, yada.

But, what happens when 'no' is your default?  What happens when you don't say 'yes' very often because it feels uncomfortable?  I have been in that situation.

In this episode I share with you a technique I use to know whether to forge through the uncomfortable-ness of saying yes to new opportunities and situations, or whether to say 'no, that's not for me.  thank you.'.

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Oh, and if you are someone that would love to say 'no' more often, I have just the thing for you: 'How to Feel Good About Saying No'