Are you a mind reader?

Season #2

Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated, disappointed, resentful or annoyed, because someone hasn't done something for you?


Or maybe they did do something for you, but it was totally not what you wanted?


And then you thought to yourself:


'they should've known what I needed, I can't believe how selfish/ignorant/lazy/unsupportive they are'


They. Should've. Known.


Mmmm.  Should they?  Let me introduce you to a phrase I share often in Self Belief School and with my 1:1 clients:


People are not mind readers.


This podcast episode is all about this.


You have to state what you need them to do, clearly and calmly, and then they'll know exactly what you need.


Maybe you've been dropping hints, or using sarcasm to get your point across, because you don't feel you need to be direct, or you don't want to come across as demanding or overbearing.


If that's the case, no one truly knows what you need or want, and your needs don't even have a chance of being met.


However much you don't feel you should have to ask for help in the house, or tell people what kind of gifts you like, remember, people are not mind readers.  You have to tell them.


We tend not to like ourselves very much when we shout at loved ones, or nag.  So, if you want to stop that from happening, be clear, be direct, be unambiguous, say what you need.  Because if you don't, how will anyone know?