Boundary Setting for Sensitive Souls

Are you doing things you hate, out of politeness?  

Unable to say what you really want because you fear people will think you're rude, or it 'looks bad' if you don't help?  

Are you boiling over with resentment, as those around you merrily get on with their lives, unaware of how their behaviour affects you?

Perhaps you find yourself saying things like:

  • 'I'll try and pop in' [when you really don't want to go]
  • 'Yes, I can give you a lift' [when you're secretly thinking why can't get they get the fucking bus?]
  • 'Alright, I'll stay a bit longer' [when you're homesick for your own home and just want to leave]
  • 'Oh how funny!' [when you're giving your precious energy to yet another boring story and you wish they'd just shut the fuck up]

The answer to these predicaments is BOUNDARIES.  But I'm sure you already knew that....

Boundaries give you peace, because you stop putting up with the shit that's stealing it.
Boundaries give you energy, because you stop saying 'yes' to what you don't have the energy for.
Boundaries give you freedom, because you stop worrying if someone will catch you out on the excuse you made up.

Imagine being able to....

  • leave a get-together when you've had enough, instead of staying longer than you want to, resulting in tiredness, resentment and less time for yourself.
  • cut short the long phone call that's causing you to lose the will to live.
  • say no to meeting up, without feeling like a total arsehole.
  • kindly say no to invites instead of being all enthusiastic, and then having to invent some shit excuse nearer the time because you'd rather stick pins in your eyes than go.
  • get out of something that you'd said you'd do because you've changed your mind, instead of following through with it because you don't want to let them down (even though it's massively inconvenient for you and you don't enjoy it).

In 'Boundary Setting for Sensitive Souls', you will learn how to set boundaries in a way that suits your sensitive nature; with grace and without guilt.  

And also:

  • how to avoid getting talked out of your decisions by overbearing people, or people who make you feel guilty.
  • how to protect what's most important to you - money, energy, health, peace, family time - so you can have more of it.  
  • how to overcome feeling princessy or selfish when you say what you want.  
  • how to be able to say what actually suits you best without cringeing, or caving in, or inventing an excuse (aka lying).

The session includes:

  • A 75 MINUTE bespoke lesson on setting boundaries
  • ACCESS to the valuable material in Self Belief School for two weeks.
  • ME, supporting you via DM in Telegram for two weeks. 

You will receive an email with a link to book your session once you have checked out.

If you decide you'd like to work with me again, you can upgrade to my six month coaching programme and this session and payment will count towards that package.

£297.00 GBP

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