My Story

Throughout my 20s and 30s, despite knowing an enormous amount about how the human body works (I have a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University) and actually earning a living out of transforming people’s health through nutrition (I have been a practicing Nutritional Therapist since 2004), I drank alcohol liberally and without restraint.

Alcohol meant I could face any social situation with impunity, and made me feel invincible and hilarious. I thought the hangovers, self loathing, memory loss and poor judgement were just the price you had to pay for this magic substance. Besides, this wouldn’t go on forever, would it?

By my mid-30s, I had started to focus on all the downsides of drinking, but I still couldn’t control it – the holy grail of ‘drinking in moderation’ is not something I had ever experienced. I couldn’t even begin to think about stopping, and even if I could stop, I didn’t think that my life would be able to continue in any meaningful way; people who didn’t drink alcohol were boring, weird or ill, and that was not an exciting club to be a member of. But I was fed up of feeling embarrassed, fed up of being the person who spoke loudly and repeated themselves, fed up of being inappropriate. I just didn’t like who I was when I’d drunk alcohol and I felt so uncomfortable that something had to change.

So in 2012, I read everything I could about stopping, and miraculously, I STOPPED.
I didn’t just cut down, I just stopped drinking alcohol completely.

I can hands down say that cutting out alcohol is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  Of course, it wasn’t easy at first, but through my journey, I acquired the tools to embrace the freedom of becoming alcohol-free.  And it really is a freedom, I promise you.

I’d like to help you find freedom too.