How I Can Help

Are you considering what it would be like to be alcohol free?

Wish you could stop drinking, but think it would be too difficult?

Do you find alcohol a very useful stress reliever?

Do you think that if you didn’t drink, you’d lose your social life?

I can help you understand the reasons why you drink, and why you don’t need to.

I can help you feel pleased that you’re not drinking, rather than deprived.

I can help you go to any social occasion without feeling the need to drink.

I can help you feel proud that you are a non-drinker, rather than abnormal.

If this sounds like a place you’d like to be, book yourself in for a free 30 minute introductory call with me to see if you’d like to work with me. If it’s a yes, then we schedule a series of six, hour-long, weekly coaching sessions. Coaching is a very efficient and powerful way of moving forward to a better place in your life, by taking responsibility for your issues. Through the six week process you will have the opportunity to address and improve any other areas of your life that might not be working for you right now (emotional health, finances, nutrition etc) as this is all part of the bigger picture of your wellbeing.

My manner is light-hearted, relaxed and non-judgemental; although I am teetotal now, that has not always been the case, and I am pretty much un-shockable!