You've been doing the inner work.

You've read some self help books, listened to motivational podcasts, maybe had some counselling.

You follow people like me on social media....

.....and it's working. 

This programme has already started.

If you'd like me to let you know when the next group programme will be starting, please put yourself on the waitlist here.

You're feeling a bit clearer.

A veil has been lifted and you can see how you've been selling yourself short.  You've seen how you've let other people get away with shit in the past.

And maybe you've been feeling sad or angry about what you used to put up with in the past, wishing you could go back and stick up for your younger self.

Perhaps you've been able to heal some old wounds, or maybe you're not quite there yet.

With your new perspective though, some relationships don't feel right anymore, and you've found yourself trying to avoid certain people. 

You've changed and you just don't want to have the conversations you used to have, or go to the places you used to go to.  Certain WhatsApp or Facebook groups are - quite frankly - sapping your soul.  It feels awkward, and you're not sure what the right thing to do is.

If any of this sounds like you, I invite you to find out about my group coaching programme.  

A small group of women going through exactly the same things as you are.  

In six months together we'll be healing:

- relationships that don't feel right anymore: feel confident knowing whether to let them go, or make adjustments so they work for both of you.

- boundaries: protect your peace and energy, even if those around you just don't get it.  Know in your heart what is important and precious to you, and how to protect it.

- making peace: feeling forgiveness for the you that couldn't put herself first.  Having the confidence to be your top priority from now on.

- spaciousness: making sure your precious time is not spent worrying about whether you've offended other people or not.  Having the headspace to just 'be you'.

It won’t be all like ‘set boundaries, take no shit, rah!’; we’ll be honouring our sensitivity and understanding that navigating relationships is nuanced. 

It is my intention that participants will finish the programme with a deep knowing that they can do life ‘their way’, without worrying about whether they’re being rude, not being confident enough, or any of the other things that we berate ourselves for.

This programme is for you if...

  • you want to build on the work you've already done, so that you can experience even more good feelings
  • you want to make choices that make you feel more joyful and authentic in your life
  • you want to feel more sure of yourself instead of second guessing whether or not you've done the 'right thing'
  • you want to feel completely OK with choosing what's right for you, instead of wracked with guilt and ruminating over your choices


  • a six month journey starting early 2023
  • a small group of 6-10 women
  • 9 sessions (via Zoom)
  • Investment: £540 (or 6 x £99)

If you are keen to join, please EMAIL ME with the word 'GROUP' in the subject line, and I will let you know what the next steps are.  You are welcome to ask me any questions.  There is NO commitment at this stage.

let me know the next steps