How to Say 'No' to Friends - without feeling guilty

Do you have friends who put you on the spot, or often ask you to do stuff you really don't want to do? 
You don't want to rock the boat, so you go along with what they want to do.
Or perhaps you have a friend who makes you feel really guilty when you don't want to meet up or help them?
You find yourself constantly thinking up good excuses so they don't try to talk you round if you say you can't go.
Maybe you just don't want to do the things you used to do, but you feel too mean to tell your friends?  
So you find yourself saying 'yes', when you wanted to say 'no'.

In this seven day mini course I will teach you the basics of how to say 'no' to your friends, without feeling guilty or mean about it. 

I'll give you examples of the exact words you can use, so you can get going straight away.  With confidence, and without guilt.

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