Empower yourself with confidence, assertiveness and authenticity.

FREE monthly masterclasses to keep your vibration high.

 I support women like you to have the courage to say and do what they like, without feeling guilty, rude or wrong.  

In my monthly masterclasses I cover topics like people pleasing, assertiveness, self confidence, and being comfortable in your own skin. 

I want to empower you with skills and the mindset that will help you feel equal to others, and be totally accepting of yourself.  High vibration stuff.

If you gain value from these classes, you are welcome to buy me some flowers 💐.

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Masterclass Participant

"Amazing the insight you can get all from saying NO! It’s SO empowering to have stood up......Thanks SO much for that training 🤩"

Masterclass Participant

"I love the monthly content and topics which Mel covers; they are always relevant and I find myself frequently utilising the advice and suggestions in real life."

Masterclass Participant

"The work on politeness, rudeness and being direct was super helpful - I have never thought about this before and it’s brought about a change in mindset for me."

Masterclass Participant

"It takes practice but I definitely feel like I am becoming more assertive. Thanks Melanie!""

Previous topics have included:

  • 'How to Feel Good About Saying No'
  • 'How to Have Good Self Esteem'
  • 'Empaths, Introverts & HSPs: Nurturing Your Superpower'
  • 'How to Make Decisions'
  • 'How to Ask for you Needs to be Met'
  • 'How to Give Criticism Confidently'
  • 'How to Stop Feeling Guilty'
  • 'How to Work Out Your Values'
  • 'The Art of Journalling'
  • 'How to Process Difficult Emotions'
  • 'Awaken your Authenticity'
  • 'Assertiveness 101'
  • 'How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome'
  • 'How to Conquer your Hatred of Small Talk'
  • 'How to Have Difficult Conversations'
  • 'How to Set Boundaries'
  • 'How to Shine When You're an Introvert'
  • 'How to Forgive Yourself'
  • 'Overcoming the Fear of Other Peoples' Opinions'

The masterclasses are free to attend, but if you feel you have gained value from me, I invite you to buy me some flowers as an exchange 💐.

The classes last about 45 minutes, and there is no pressure to participate if you'd rather just sit back and listen.  You are welcome to ask any questions you've got.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no replay available.  If you would like access to the video recording of the classes, please join Self Belief School, where you will automatically have access to ALL of my previous masterclasses, and future ones, for as long as you are a member.  You can cancel your membership at any time.

Alternatively, I may release the audio recording of these classes as a podcast episode.  However, it is always best to attend live so that you can ask questions and benefit from my energy.

Dates for 2022 (all masterclasses at 12:00 midday UK time):

11th January - 'How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome'
8th February - 'How to Conquer your Hatred of Small Talk'
15th March - 'Group Coaching Session: How to Have Difficult Conversations'
19th April - 'Group Coaching Session: How to Set Boundaries'
17th May - 'How to Shine When You're an Introvert'
14th June - 'When you wish you were more like your friend'
19th July - 'How to Forgive Yourself'
16th August - 'How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome'
13th September - 'Group Coaching Session: Overcoming the Fear of Other Peoples' Opinions'
10am 11th October - 'The Fine Line Between Assertiveness and Rudeness: assertiveness, rudeness and politeness - how do they fit together?' [pls note new time 10am]
15th November - tbc
13th December- tbc

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