Would you like to help me with my business, and receive some free coaching in return?


FREE 15 minute coaching session

I can help you with any issue that is causing you stress in your life.

Coaching helps you to become aware of what you previously weren't aware of, like suddenly gaining a new perspective.  You then feel much clearer, and are in a position to make the changes that need to be made, so you can reduce or eliminate what was stressing you.  

In return for the coaching, I would like to conduct a 15 minute marketing research interview with you. 

During the interview I won't be trying to sell you anything.  The interview is to help me to know my audience better, so I can create more useful content (courses, social media, podcasts etc) for you.

If you would like more information on what working with me entails, just let me know and we can schedule a separate call about it.



What happens during the session?

During the first 15 minutes of our call, I will ask you questions about any challenges and stresses in your life, and what you might have tried to improve them.  

I might ask you about what kind of media you consume, and any courses or programmes you might have bought.

The second 15 minutes of the call is your coaching session.  When you book the session, you can choose from some options of how you might like to spend this time.

The session takes place via Zoom.

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