Advice for the newly pregnant

by | November 19, 2015 | nutrition, pregnancy, supplements

My Facebook feed seems to be full of pictures of 12 week scans; there’s a lot of newly pregnant people around in my social circle.

And for those newly pregnant people, it’s a very unusual time of transition.  They’ve just emerged from the three months of secrecy where they’ve been making excuses about avoiding alcohol and feeling quietly sick and are now ready to proudly spread their news.

I have been asked by a friend in this situation for my advice, so here it is.

What to eat largely depends on what you can eat.  Some people suffer dreadfully with morning sickness and can eat hardly anything at all, whereas others hardly notice they’re pregnant at all.  I myself became totally repulsed by green vegetables (broccoli in particular was repugnant) and felt mildly hungover, attracted to all kinds of fatty/salty/sugary foods.  Not eating in a traditionally healthy way can make the mother-to-be feel very guilty because she’s not giving the baby nutritious foods.  But there’s not really much you can do; I think forcing yourself to eat stuff that you just can’t stomach is not a good idea.  You have to listen to your body on this one and really try to tune in to what it is that you want to eat, whatever that may be.

Taking a good quality nutritional supplement at this time is super important, especially if you can’t eat nutritious foods (see above) and haven’t done any nutritional preparation whilst trying to conceive.  Your body is going to produce a whole new human, and it can only do this with nutrients that come from your body, so best to take extra on board!  I recommend Nutrigold’s Nutritional Pregnancy Support Pack – it contains everything you need during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and is very high quality.

It might be a bit early to start thinking about birth and the various options, but starting to dispel any fears you might have about childbirth is always helpful.  A book I found particularly useful is Nicole Croft’s book, The Good Birth Companion.  I had a home birth and I think the reading I did during pregnancy really helped it to go well.

And lastly, a bit of yoga helps to keep flexible and relaxed.  Many women enjoy going to pregnancy yoga classes, or you can use a DVD or find some routines on YouTube.  Personally, I did Katy Appleton’s 10 Minute Workouts on YouTube; I found that to be just the right level for me, but you might need to experiment with what works for you.

But do try to enjoy this special, delicate time.  You won’t realise until later on what an unbelievable transformation you are about to undergo!