Don’t make me laugh

by | September 15, 2011 | energy medicine, natural healthcare


I saw a piece on the news this week about laughter yoga.  I’ve heard about it before and I’m actually dying to try it!  To some people it might look a bit silly, but those who have tried it attest to its wonderful benefits, and the fantastic feeling it gives you.
In a laughter yoga class, the ‘laughter leader’ will help you to ‘learn to laugh for no reason’ because ‘laughter breaks down barriers and tension, relaxing, releasing and re-energising mind, body and soul’.
This makes a lot of sense to me; in my experience stress, anxiety and tension underlie a great many physical and emotional problems, and surely laughter is the ultimate stress release?  Think about the feeling you get when you’ve had a really good, uncontrollable fit of giggles?  It’s a bit like having a good cry – you feel unburdened in some way.
After a kinesiology session my clients are sometimes required to do a kind of homework, which might involve ‘play’ or ‘fun’, which are activities that adults sometimes unintentionally exclude from their lives.  Perhaps I might start recommending laughter as a homework?
Anyway, I’m looking for a local class so I can see what it’s like.  I shall report back, and would love to hear if anyone has tried it.