Candida Part II

by | August 10, 2011 | Candida, meditation, natural healthcare, stress

Following on from my previous post about Candida, I thought I’d follow up with some more of my thoughts on this common condition.

Candida can’t be blamed solely on antibiotic use, or a sugary diet, because many people have had lots of antibiotics in their lives without any adverse effects or traces of Candida.  So what makes individuals susceptible to systemic yeast infection?  Why does it happen to one person but not another?

I think stress plays a huge part.  Stressed individuals, in general, are not in as robust health as people who are relaxed and carefree.  They can’t be.  If the body is busy pumping out stress hormones, and keeping itself in an almost permanent state of fight or flight, it can’t get on with the housekeeping duties of staying healthy.  Stress can also suppress the immune system, which is an important factor in the progression of Candida.

And ‘stress’ covers a whole spectrum of situations; worrying, anxiety, fear, depression, oppression, misery are all stressful conditions that affect the body.

So if you think you have some of the symptoms of Candida, as well as nutritional intervention, addressing the stress is equally important.  Have you ever tried meditation?  It’s something I recommend quite frequently