Why I don’t ask my clients to fill in a questionnaire

by | June 13, 2011 | case history, natural healthcare, questionnaire

When a new client makes an appointment to come and see me, they often ask if they need to fill in a questionnaire before they come.  This is a very valid question as lots of practitioners require their clients to fill in a form about their health before they come to the session, so that the practitioner can see at a glance what the main issues are.  This can save time.

I much prefer to get the information I need about my clients by asking them.  For me, looking at a questionnaire is very dry information and I need to have an exchange with a client to get the depth of information I need.  Even if I did ask my clients to fill in a form before they came, I would still need to question them to extract more details than a form can tell me.

I also find that people don’t always reveal the real reason why they have decided to seek help straight away.  Very often new clients will tell me that they are looking for help with, for example, a sore shoulder, but after we’ve been chatting for a few minutes, it turns out that what’s bothering them more than anything is low self esteem or anxiety.  This is one of the main reasons why I work the way I do; I like to be able to get to the root of the issue, and to find out what’s really going on inside someone’s body.  And I don’t think that looking at a sheet of ticked boxes helps me do that.