Flu vaccinations: do they make a difference?

by | December 3, 2010 | krill oil, natural healthcare, nutritional therapy

Anyone who has had flu, proper flu, knows how nasty it is.  I once heard that the difference between having flu and having a cold is that if you’re lying in bed and the doctor rings at the doorbell, if you’ve got flu you’re too ill to get up and let him in.

So being vaccinated against flu is the answer, right?  Well not necessarily.  I have heard of many people who actually get ill after being vaccinated.  Not life threateningly ill, but ill nonetheless.  And one of the things that makes the flu virus so hard to treat is that it mutates into different forms, so you you may be vaccinated but fall victim to another mutation of the virus.

From my naturopathic viewpoint, vaccinations of any kind are contrary to the natural working of the body.  If you think about what happens when you get naturally infected by the flu virus, the virus will encounter many layers of our natural immune defences (the lining of our nose and mouth, mucus, hairs etc) and each time will trigger a specific part of our immune systems to fight back.

When we are vaccinated, the virus is introduced directly into the bloodstream.  The vaccination contains a form of the virus that has been made safe and non-infectious, but it has the right molecules to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies to protect against infection from a live virus.  So although the end point may be the same, this method of producing immunity is totally unnatural when compared to what would happen during a normal infection.  Large parts of the immune system are left out of the process.

There is no doubt that vaccines can be helpful for life threatening illnesses in parts of the world where hygiene and nutrition are poor, but I believe that they are unnecessary for illnesses that we recover from fairly easily.  I also personally believe that the use of vaccines is in part related to the increase in allergies that we have seen over the past thirty years; such an unnatural ‘assault’ on the immune system is unlikely to be without consequences.

Dr John Briffa is a qualified medical doctor with a special interest in nutrition and natural health.  He has recently written two articles on his blog on the lack of efficacy of the flu vaccination: ‘Flu vaccination is largely ineffective, despite what your government may have you believe‘ and ‘More unscientific claims made for the ‘benefits’ of flu vaccination‘.

There is plenty of other reading available for anyone with an interest in this subject.  These books are useful (mainly about childrens’ vaccinations though):

If you would like any advice about how to keep yourself and your immune system as robust as possible (which in my opinion is the best way to avoid getting ill), then please get in touch.