In response to a request from one of my newsletter subscribers, this month I thought I’d mention apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented cider, and is different from normal vinegars that you can buy in the supermarket because it usually comes unfiltered and unpasteurised complete with beneficial bacteria and yeasts. In fact there is often a cloudy residue at the bottom of the bottle which consists mainly of these bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is often credited with numerous health benefits, and can be popular as a weight loss aid.

My opinion is that it is unlikely to make a considerable difference to weight loss – weight gain is mainly caused by over-eating and drinking vinegar is not going to change that. It may however have digestive and immune benefits due to the beneficial bacteria it contains; fermented foods are no longer a significant part of our diets, and this may correlate with our declining digestive health.

One particular digestive benefit attributed to apple cider vinegar is on account of it’s acidity. The stomach needs a very acid environment for enzymes to work properly and for proteins and fats to be properly broken down. Taking apple cider vinegar with or just before a meal can increase the acidity in the stomach and improve digestion there. Very useful if you suffer from bloating or a feeling of fullness in the stomach after eating.

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