Mongolian BBQ

by | March 24, 2008 | nutrition, nutritional therapy

I just thought a I’d share with you one of the worst food horror stories I’ve heard in a long while.

One of my clients is working abroad at the moment. En route to China, she passed through Mongolia where there are very few fresh fruits or vegetables available. She was often confronted with large plates of deep fried pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in Mongolia it is considered rude not to finish everything on your plate. I might add at this point, that this lady is recovering from an eating disorder and until recently would not even consider eating a small plate of normal pasta, let alone deep fried! So although a large portion of deep fried pasta might not be your ideal choice, for this lady it was a much bigger challenge. Still, she managed to eat everything she was confronted with, which is a significant achievement.

However, a bigger challenge lay ahead – the next time I heard from her, she reported she had been made to suck the marrow out of goat bones. For breakfast. Did I mention that she is also a vegetarian? Horrendous! I am not sure if I would be that brave in the same situation.

So, if you feel like a food challenge, and being taken well away from your comfort zone, I can thoroughly recommend a trip to Mongolia.