Dorset Cereals

by | August 13, 2007 | nutrition

You may have noticed the incredibly successful re-brand of Dorset Cereals in the past few months. In fact, Dorset Cereals has been highly commended in the Brand Revitalisation category in The Marketing Society Awards for Excellence, 2007.

The new packaging is very attractive and on one occasion I had to stop myself from buying a variety pack of mini Dorset Cereals just because they looked nice! This re-brand has not come without a price though; there has been an increase in price of about £1 per pack.

However, they have just launched a new type of cereal made with spelt flakes. Spelt is an ancient type of wheat, the predecessor of the modern wheat we use today. Spelt has a fragile gluten structure that is more water soluble than modern wheat making it easier to digest. Ideal for anyone wishing to eat less wheat. Some people who can’t tolerate wheat in its modern form have no difficulties with spelt.

I have tried this cereal, and it really is delicious. It’s great on it’s own, or a good idea is to mix it in with your own homemade muesli. This would make a fantastically tasty, high fibre, healthy breakfast option!