by | August 9, 2006 | nutritional therapy, probiotics, supplements

There have been a lot of articles in the press recently about probiotics. The headlines have been eye catching, things like ‘50% of probiotics do not work’ ‘Consumers warned over probiotics’. These titles are slightly misleading because if you read the whole article, you will find that only a minority of probiotic products are being discredited. I agree with these articles which say that probiotics supplied from large, well known manufacturers will be subject to strict quality controls and will be of high quality. However, probiotics made by unheard-of companies, particularly those making wild and unbelievable claims, are most likely to be of very poor quality and containing low numbers of viable bacteria. I have seen many such products on the internet, particularly in relation to treating candida infection. Just think – if the claims these products were making were true, why are these products only being supplied by small, unknown companies? Surely the more reputable manufacturers would be in on the action! As with all probiotics, the important things to note and consider are:

– how many bacteria does the product contain?
– what strains of bacteria does the product contain?

Probiotics form a major part of a lot of nutritional therapy, and I am glad they are becoming more popular.