Healthy Crisps?

by | May 7, 2006 | nutrition

Hello all

I have recently been written to by the company nutritionist at Walkers crisps, with information about how they have made healthier changes to their products. I assume I have not been singled out personally but that this is a national mailshot!

It is true that they have made changes to lower the fat and salt content, and in that respect the crisps are now ‘healthier’. However, crisps should never form a substantial part of the diet, and should still be an occasional snack rather than an everyday staple. Which makes me wonder why they have written to people like me! Am I to start recommending people eat more crisps?!

Although I am being slightly disparaging, it is good to see that major food companies are taking steps to reduce the levels of salt and fat. Birdseye is another company that is advertising its committment to making healthy changes to their foods.

I think that we might start to see changes in people’s health if food like bread and breakfast cereals, that people consume in substantial amounts, had levels of salt and sugar reduced.