Sorry, but it has to be said……..time for detox!!!!

by | January 2, 2006 | nutritional therapy

New Year is traditionally the time when people embark on detox programmes, and for good reason. Almost everyone over indulges at Christmas time, and the new year is a time to cleanse your body and give it a rest from too much food and too much drink.

Detox programmes come in many forms, and I would definitely advise steering clear of any products which claim to help you detox without making changes to your diet. I have even seen detox patches which claim to draw toxins from your body whilst you sleep! A good detox programme can cost you nothing, whilst also having a very powerful effect on the body.

The bowel is the body’s main route for getting toxic material out of the body. So it would make sense to start by cleansing the bowel. Drinking plenty of plain water is very important here as it helps to keep the contents of the bowel soft and therefore easier to eliminate. Avoiding animal products is a good idea because these can cause the wrong types of bacteria to proliferate in the bowel, and they are also more work for the body to digest. Plenty of vegetable matter is the key. Something that is very good for the bowel is linseeds. They are soothing to the bowel wall, and they also swell up which helps the muscles in the bowel wall to work better.

When your bowel is working efficiently, the body has a chance to eliminate toxins easily. This affects every cell in the body.

More advanced detox programmes form the basis of many of the therapeutic programmes I devise for patients. And I have certainly seen the benefits.

Whatever you do, remember that detoxing can be done easily at home without the need for expensive products. Carol Vorderman’s books are a good place to start if you want to try a healthy detox.

Happy Healthy New Year!