I promise it’s not scary

by | January 4, 2006 | nutritional therapy

Visiting a therapist for the first time can be quite a daunting prospect, especially if you have not been to an alternative health practitioner before. Many of my patients have been apprehensive about what their appointment with me will entail. But I understand this, and my aim is to make my patients feel as comfortable as possible. It’s important for me that you feel relaxed, and I will do by best to put you at ease.

Many people also think that I will recoil in horror, or be judgemental, when they divulge some of their eating habits. I can certainly assure you that this is not the case!! Remember, that my job entails listening to many people’s accounts of what they eat, and I am genuinely interested. People come to see me to improve their eating habits, so we have to start somewhere!

And although some of our principles are the same, the harsh style of Gillian McKeith is not something I adopt either. So don’t worry, no name calling and no tears.