Festive Breakfasts

by | December 19, 2005 | nutrition

There are lots of bits and pieces of nutritional advice floating around in the media at this time of year. Usually things like bizarre hangover cures made with worcester sauce!

However, if I could give one piece of advice for the Festive Season, it would be to make sure you have a good breakfast. And at this time of year, porridge is the ideal breakfast. At all times of the year I recommend a hearty breakfast, but at this time of year it is especially important. Porridge in particular is a good start to the day, and will release energy slowly throughout the morning helping to balance your blood sugar levels. This will help keep you feeling full and can help you not to over-eat at the wrong times. Oats too can help eliminate excess cholesterol from the body.

A common mistake people make is to skip breakfast believing that it will enable them to eat more calories later in the day. Blood sugar levels then fall and one can then be prone to craving foods and subsequent bingeing. When blood sugar levels start to rise again, the body stores more of this sugar as fat because of the wild fluctuations in food intake. Your body cannot rely on a steady supply of energy, so it stores energy as fat in case it does not get fed again!

And of course porridge oats are an excellent source of fibre, which is very important to help the digestive system to work properly.

So, don’t forget your porridge on the cold winter mornings!!