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Sunday, November 08, 2015

I've not been around these parts for a while....

I've not been round these parts for a while; I've had a baby, which turns out to be quite time consuming.  Who knew?  He's nearly 18 months now, and so a bit bigger than he was in he picture.  They grow bigger - apparently that's normal.

I am not currently seeing clients in my nutritional therapy & kinesiology practice, but I'm still keeping up to date with research and what's happening in the natural health field, so will be posting about that along with anything else related to nutrition, kinesiology and natural healthcare.

I've also decided to broaden the scope of my blog to include more product reviews and my own special life hacks; I am a lover of gadgets and innovative products, so I am going to write about them here.  Having a baby has opened my eyes to a whole new category of 'stuff to buy', so some of what I write about will undoubtedly be baby/child-related.  I hope you find it interesting.


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