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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is bloating getting you down?

Bloating is a very common complaint, and one that I see in my clinic very often.

It's also a reason why people seek an allergy or intolerance test.  If you find out which food is causing the bloating, you can stop eating it and all will be OK, right?  Not necessarily.

I have produced a Bloating Relief pack in response to the many requests I get from clients who want to a food intolerance test because they've been feeling bloated.  I have seen many times such tests come back showing no allergy or intolerance at all, and this is because the bloating is caused by an underfunctioning digestive system, rather than an immune reaction.  There may be particular foods which aggravate your symptoms, but the issue is digestive, not immune.

The Bloating Relief pack contains advice that I regularly give to my nutrition clients, and can help you to start feeling better.  You can download it from my website here.

Improve digestion, improve bloating.

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