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Friday, December 03, 2010

What is Krill Oil?

No, it's not something used in the automotive industry, it's a type of very healthy omega 3 oil similar to the more well known fish oils.

But it seems to be even more beneficial for health than the fish oils that so many people are already taking.  It has been found that Krill Oil is 22 times more effective than marine fish oil in reducing the fat around the heart, and also better at reducing fat around the liver than fish oil.  Other Krill Oil benefits include showing an improvement in the symptoms of ADHD in affected children.  Plus all the other benefits attributed to the omega-3 essential fatty acids: immune health, heart health, reduction in blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, the list goes on...

What are 'Krill' though? Well, Krill are small invertebrates, a bit like prawns, that live in the Antarctic ocean.  Krill Oil has been around for a while, but one of my most trusted suppliers (Nutrigold) have just started to offer this fantastic product.

To read more about the science around this product, you can read this informative report here.
Nutrigold Antarctic Krill Oil
Or if you want to try some for yourself, you can get it from the Nutrigold website here.

And as Nutrigold mention on their website, if you are prescribed medication and have concerns about possible drug interactions, do always consult your GP before using this product.

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