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Monday, December 07, 2009

Alcohol Advice.....

I am often asked what is the 'healthiest' type of alcohol to drink, and this question is especially relevant in the festive season. So, I am passing on advice from Patrick Holford himself.


As far as alcohol is concerned the trick is not to drink (too much) on an empty stomach. It’s far better to have some food in you with, or shortly after alcohol. Many people’s grogginess the next day are reactions to yeast, not alcohol. Champagne or champagne method is yeast free while wine, beer and lager are not. So, a marguerita made with fresh lime packed with vitamin C, or a rum cocktail with real juice and no added sugar, or a mojito made with xylitol instead of sugar are all good choices. f you drink wine get the good stuff, organic if possible. There are a lot of chemicals in cheap wine. Of course, red wine is particularly high in anti-ageing resveratrol. Merlot tends to have the most.

Always drink a glass of water with every glass of wine. Alcohol can be quite dehydrating and if you are neither thirsty nor hungry you are less likely to drink too much. If you do, the trick is to take 2 grams of vitamin C before bed, and a teaspoon of glutamine powder dissolved in water. If you need it, do the same again on waking. Glutamine, which you can buy as powder in health food shops, heals the gut from damage caused by excess alcohol.


So there you have it.

Eat, drink and be merry!
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