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Friday, November 27, 2009

Why diets don't work...

There is mounting evidence to show that dieting does not produce lasting weight loss. 98% of people who go on a diet will have gained the weight back within 2 years. That's 98%!

The thing about going on a diet, is that is has an end. And then what do you do? Go back to how you were eating when you were gaining weight? Start to eat foods you like again? It's just not possible to restrict or modify your food intake for the rest of your life. And restricting food intake or cutting out certain foods usually leads to binges, cravings and falling off the wagon.

Many people always think that things will be different in the future; they'll have more willpower one day, their lives will be less busy, they'll stop liking biscuits etc. But the fact is, your life is now! And these foods are not going to go away.

So what to do? Finding peace with the foods you love, learning to listen to your body and trusting yourself to eat whatever you like is a new way of eating. And for those who have practised it, it's brought unimaginable freedom.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Mass Vaccination Programme :-(

I have been sent some worrying information about the proposed mass swine flu vaccination programme. Natural Health practitioners have always had concerns about all vaccines, viewing them as an unnatural assault on the immune system which possibly lead to allergies, autoimmune diseases, and autism. And with the proposed vaccination programme, these issues have come into the limelight again.

A very informative paper can be found here: detailing all the possible dangers of the swine flu vaccine.

One interesting point worth noting is that vets are trained never to vaccinate a pregnant animal, yet the vaccine is being offered to pregnant women.

Some pharmaceutical companies stand to make a lot of money from this vaccination programme, so it is vitally important that we can all make an informed decision, rather than being shepherded towards being vaccinated without question.

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