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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heinz Reduced Salt Ketchup

Whilst doing some research on the salt content of foods, I found that 'Heinz Reduced Salt Tomato Ketchup' contains more salt than Morrisons own brand tomato ketchup, which does not claim to be low salt.

Food marketing can be very confusing, but this shows that it pays to look at the nutrition information labels!


English Breakfasts and Bowel Cancer Risk

There has been a lot of media attention recently about the dangers of consuming too much processed meats. Processed meats are any meats that have had 'something done' to them before you buy them. So, this includes ham, bacon and sausages - even expensive, lean, organic ones - as well as more obvious things like Pepperami and salami.

It is thought that it is the chemicals used in processing the meats have a toxic effect on the cells in the bowel, and can cause cancerous changes. These meats are also high in fat, and being overweight is a big risk factor for many types of cancer.

The evidence for the link between consuming processed meats and bowel cancer is now so strong that we are being advised to limit our consumption. The most recent research states that eating 150g of processed meats like bacon and sausages daily increases the risk of bowel cancer by 63%.

There is similar evidence for red meat too, which is reinforcing the message that the healthy option is always fish and poultry.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

my new therapy room is now open!

I am very glad and proud to say that my new therapy room in Great Portland Street is now open!

It is newly decorated, and I believe it is a lovely space to see clients.

You can have a look at some pictures here:
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