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Friday, December 16, 2005

Flu Epidemic

There has been a lot of news about a pending flu epidemic, with worries about supplies of vaccines and antiviral drugs running out.

Nutritional Therapy has many weapons in its armoury to boost the immune system, most notably high doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has antiviral properties, and whenever I can feel myself getting a sore throat or a cold I always make sure I take regular doses to help fight it off. And it works, too. As well as supplements, there are lots of dietary measures that help keep the body and immune system in top condition.

I always feel it's such a shame that millions of people rely on drugs and vaccines when they are ill, when there is so much we can do to prevent illness in the first place. And of course, unlike nutritional measures, drugs and vaccines place an added burden on an already stressed body.

Keep yourself healthy this winter!

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